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One Riverfront Plaza

When SMRT designed One Riverfront Plaza, inspiration came from across the street... as well as across time. The late nineteenth-century Dana Warp Mill inspired the brick pilasters and cornice brackets that both echo and complement it. Inside the six-story office building, SMRT structural engineers and interior designers collaboratively planned each 25,000 square-foot floor around a 30' x 30' bay and central core in order to optimize space while ensuring structural integrity. On the ground floor, the employee cafeteria offers easy access to a community plaza on the Presumpscot River. And, as poignant as it is practical, the building links Westbrook’s historic “mill town” past with the state-of-the-art office building that heralds its promising future.

SMRT’s meticulous planning, accurate drawings and collaborative approach were key factors in completing the project on-time and on-budget.