We’re a team of architects, engineers, planners, and professionals committed to solving problems through design. Our clients come to us with big opportunities, first-of-a-kind challenges, hard deadlines, and limited budgets. This is where we thrive.

We build lasting relationships and friendships with business partners because we consistently deliver positive results.


We use the power of design to successfully position our clients and our communities for the future. Curiosity, inquiry, and passion fuel our creative process.

We drive positive impacts through sustainable design, volunteerism, and professionalism.

We hold ourselves accountable and approach our work with authenticity. We put egos aside to be open with employees, clients, and partners alike.

We advocate for meaningful change and are committed to open dialogue.

We embrace and celebrate our differences; they lead to our collective successes.

We cultivate a high-performance workplace where we continuously learn, grow, and contribute; we feel fulfilled, challenged, and accepted.


We’re not just a company; we’re a team of passionate individuals united by a shared vision. Our culture is focused on getting the most from each other and the spaces we design together. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our success, enabling us to not only create exceptional spaces but also to foster innovation, nurture relationships, and tackle challenges head-on.


The problems we solve are complex and challenging. We operate on a simple principle: we’re smart and inventive, together. We advise, guide, and advocate from a position of knowledge, experience, and constant learning. We use the design process to effect positive change. Our work together results in smart decisions and successful outcomes.


SMRT’s roots reach back to 1884, when John Calvin Stevens FAIA, nationally acclaimed for his “shingle style” designs, established his architecture firm. A versatile artist and architect, Stevens saw no separation of design from construction, of beauty from practicality. Today, the creative challenge of exploring opportunities between idea and implementation continues to inspire and guide the growth and evolution of our multi-disciplinary practice. Our ability to simplify the complex, collaborate across disciplines, and solve problems together carries our legacy forward.


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