We listen, question, design and deliver

While the problems we solve are complex and challenging, we operate on a simple principle: We’re smart and inventive, together.

We advise, guide and advocate from a position of knowledge, experience and constant learning. We use the design process to effect positive change. Our work together results in smart decisions and successful outcomes.

Approach We Ask We Think Approach We Ask We Think
You’ll love how we work together.

How we work

As designers we are practical and imaginative, resourceful and reliable, knowledgeable and nice. We bring expertise, but leave our egos at the door. Your needs, your culture, and your budget will inform our approach.

Curiosity fuels our creative process. Before drawing a single line, we want to understand who you are, what drives your success and how you envision your future.  What are your objectives and desired outcomes? This dialogue of discovery defines project goals.

From hand sketches to virtual reality, we can illustrate your project in ways that enhance understanding and inform decisions. Our tools include the full array of emerging design software and digital platforms.

It’s the partnership and relationship, plus the fact that our project was a first of its kind in our state and the first of its kind to come in on time and under budget.
– Kevin Wells
Sheriff, St. Lawrence County
Commitment to quality

Project design and delivery start with “Day One Thinking,” which assures alignment on project standards, expectations and performance. High-level code checks and cross-discipline coordination at the project initiation build in efficiencies. Day One Thinking is the cornerstone of our commitment to quality.

SMRT clearly did their research in understanding our mission and purpose and presented creative ideas and concepts that are an exact fit for our programs. Their passion for their work is evident and reflected in the innovative look to our new education and training center.
– Jenny Skolfield, MS
Director Maine Medical Center Department of Medical Education
Facilitation for success

We typically work with large organizations comprised of multiple stakeholders participating in the design process. We come prepared, create an inclusive environment, set clear expectations and engage in productive dialogue.  We create a culture where it is safe to voice differing points of view, understanding that the best design solutions are derived from reconciling and balancing different stakeholder perspectives, wants and needs.  We bring clarity of purpose to each engagement, assuring that we use our clients’ time wisely as we advance project objectives. We develop our facilitation tools and techniques specific to each assignment, reflecting the culture and priorities of our clients.

SMRT’s approach to treating everyone in the process as a community with a common goal, rather than individuals in competition for limited resources, develops a healthy and effective design environment.
– Patrick Taber
Former Project Manager Eastern Maine Medical Center
Delivery alternatives

We’re experienced and facile with design-bid-build, design-build, construction management and integrated project delivery (IPD) methodologies. We’ll guide you in your selection of the best approach for your project based on your budget, schedule, timing and other considerations. When the project team is aligned with the right approach, value is enhanced, good will is established and issues are resolved efficiently.

It’s hard to measure the achievement of the GE Healthcare project.  This custom fab is specifically designed to manufacture the latest diagnostic equipment for the healthcare market – and has achieved LEED Gold certification.  An exceptional engineering accomplishment.
– Ron Kleman
Global Facilities Project Manager, GE Healthcare
Sustainable by design

Our building science knowledge optimizes building performance and sustainability, while reducing impacts on the environment. Informed design decisions affect resource uses, building materials and enclosures.  Efficient systems reduce energy consumption and operating costs. We embrace the WELL Building Standard, believing that healthier buildings contribute to healthier people. Our designs are benchmarked to universally accepted sustainability standards and codes. SMRT’s resilient solutions identify needed redundancy, mitigate risk, and future proof vulnerabilities.

We constantly looked for ways to improve efficiencies. We’ve done everything from using ice makers that make ice at night when electricity is cheaper, and then using it for air conditioning during the day, to collecting rainwater off the roof to use for the heating system.
– Chuck Hays
President and CEO, MaineGeneral Medical Center