Health + Wellness

Design for positive, measurable outcomes

We design flexible, evidence-based environments that promote healing and support the well-being of patients, their families and caregivers.  We develop solutions targeted to realize clinical, financial and operational goals within the context of rapid industry evolution and regulatory scrutiny. By leveraging our integrated team of architects and engineers early in the design process, we create facilities that balance “high tech” and “high touch.” Our commitment to sustainable practices in 24/7 healthcare facilities delivers measurable energy savings. This enables our clients as they commercialize innovative research, enhance learning environments, compete for talent, optimize productivity, and better serve expanding populations – all at a cost and in a way that makes business sense.

Together we imagine better, create better, live better.
Clinically sophisticated. Cost effective.
Creating healing spaces.
Design for positive, measurable outcomes.
Balancing "high tech" and "high touch."
We are stewards of your resources.