Together, we develop targeted solutions to realize the clinical, financial, and operational goals of our healthcare clients. We respond to rapid healthcare evolution and acknowledge regulatory constraints. Supporting the health and well-being of patients and caregivers, our designs promote healing through flexible, evidence-based environments.

SMRT’s health and wellness studio positions our clients to deliver high-quality care, improve the patient experience, and create an engaging environment for staff, all in a way and at a cost that makes business sense.

Areas of Expertise

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The healthcare industry faces an array of complex challenges, including regulatory hurdles, rising costs, workforce shortages, changing reimbursement rates, and mental health impacts to name a few. SMRT recognizes these challenges as opportunities to make an impact with creative architectural and engineered solutions. Our clients’ strategic goals drive decision-making, and design begins with strategic thinking. We listen to understand our clients’ needs and we embrace their values. We collaborate with a sense of purpose.

Low operating margins demand highly efficient facilities. We respond to the complex interplay of clinical, financial, and operational healthcare demands with effective, balanced solutions. By pairing data with deep expertise, our clients benefit from optimized designs that enable them to operate effectively, efficiently, and with lower life-cycle costs.

Most healthcare systems struggle to meet the needs of mental health patients and far too often, mental health issues go undiagnosed and/or untreated. We are committed to addressing the mental health needs of patients and staff by designing safe environments that promote healing and well-being. 

We design to reach sustainability and social responsibility targets that leave a positive impact on communities. With healthcare organizations spending more than $6.5 billion annually on energy, SMRT’s commitment to sustainable practices also helps lower operating costs, freeing up dollars for vital patient care.

With a pulse on the shifting trends in healthcare delivery, we create innovative, forward-thinking designs that position our clients to optimize clinical outcomes as well as the well-being of patients and staff.


Expertise makes all the difference. When you choose SMRT, you’re choosing a team of experts leading the way in healthcare architecture and engineering, ready to guide you through the design process, regardless of where you’re starting.


Derek Veilleux

Senior Principal,
Director of Health & Wellness Practice


Kristen Damuth

Senior Principal, Health & Wellness Project Management Leader


Rebecca Casey

Senior Healthcare Architect

Jessica Johnson



We are committed to creating the right environment for patients, staff, and communities across the continuum of care. Explore our work and contact us today to collaborate and bring your vision to life.



Derek Veilleux

Senior Principal,
Director of Health & Wellness Practice

We work with you to effect positive change through design —creating smart, sustainable solutions, collaborating from concept to construction, making the design process feel effortless, fluid, and natural.