Choosing SMRT means partnering with a team that is not just versed in architecture and engineering but deeply embedded in the life sciences and nutrition markets. We bring a wealth of knowledge, a collaborative spirit, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to every project, making us the ideal choice for clients seeking to create cutting-edge research laboratories, education centers, and testing facilities that are not just built, but thoughtfully designed for impact.

Areas of Expertise

Innovation Designed for Success

Our designers are excited about the innovation and technological advancements making discovery possible at an entirely new pace. We’re ready to harness these advancements for the benefit of our clients:

According to the Global Seafood Alliance, 62 percent of all seafood produced for human consumption will come from aquaculture by 2030. Today, it’s about 50 percent. Though progress in Aquaculture has been gradual, we remain excited and optimistic about designing structures and systems to support this growing field and actively monitor opportunities within it.

Anticipating growth in the molecular control industry, SMRT is ready to meet the rising demand for reliable laboratory testing, serving both established entities and emerging startups.

Our history of productivity in the diagnostic field sets a solid foundation for future success. We are proactive in adapting our strategies to support clients in a post-COVID era.


Expertise makes all the difference. When you choose SMRT, you’re choosing a team of experts leading the way in life sciences and nutrition architecture and engineering, ready to guide you through the design process, regardless of where you’re starting.


Bradley Hodges

President, Director of Science,
Technology, & Manufacturing Practice


Andrew Tyner

Senior Principal, Science, Technology, &
Manufacturing Project Management Leader


We are committed to forging new paths for research, development, and technology that will enhance lives and the planet. Explore our work and contact us today to collaborate and bring your vision to life.



Bradley Hodges

President, Director of Science, Technology,
& Manufacturing Practice

We work with you to effect positive change through design —creating smart, sustainable solutions, collaborating from concept to construction, making the design process feel effortless, fluid, and natural.