We Listen, Question, Design, and Deliver

The problems we solve are complex and challenging. We operate on a simple principle: we’re smart and inventive, together.

We advise, guide and advocate from a position of knowledge, experience and constant learning. We use the design process to effect positive change. Our work together results in smart decisions and successful outcomes.


SMRT engages our full design team of planners, architects, and engineers at the outset of each project to ensure that we develop desired outcomes, sustainability targets, and stretch goals with our clients. These outcomes are jointly established and become the conscience of the project. Our integrated design process ensures quality and alignment with our clients’ objectives.


Our building science knowledge optimizes building performance and sustainability, while reducing impacts on the environment. Informed design decisions affect resource uses, building materials, and enclosures. Efficient systems reduce energy consumption and operating costs. We embrace the WELL Building Standard, believing that healthier buildings contribute to healthier people. Our designs are benchmarked to universally accepted sustainability standards and codes. SMRT’s resilient solutions identify needed redundancy, mitigate risk, and future proof vulnerabilities.


We typically work with large organizations comprised of multiple stakeholders participating in the design process. We come prepared, create an inclusive environment, set clear expectations and engage in productive dialogue. We create a culture where it is safe to voice differing points of view, understanding that the best design solutions are derived from reconciling and balancing different stakeholder perspectives, wants and needs. We bring clarity of purpose to each engagement, assuring that we use our clients’ time wisely as we advance project objectives. We develop our facilitation tools and techniques specific to each assignment, reflecting the culture and priorities of our clients.


A project’s delivery method should be based on its size, complexity, schedule, timing, and procurement requirements. We have experience with the full array of construction delivery methods including design-bid build, design-build, construction management, and integrated project delivery (IPD)—and helping clients select the best delivery method and the right contractor, is something we do every day.

“It’s hard to measure the achievement of the GE Healthcare project. This custom fab is specifically designed to manufacture the latest diagnostic equipment for the healthcare market – and has achieved LEED Gold certification. An exceptional engineering accomplishment.”
Ron Kleman
Global Facilities Project Manager, GE Healthcare


We work with you to effect positive change through design —creating smart, sustainable solutions, collaborating from concept to construction, making the design process feel effortless, fluid, natural.