Kristen Damuth

Senior Principal, Health & Wellness Project Management Leader, Senior Architect

Kristen has over 27 years of experience designing projects for a broad range of client types including higher education, healthcare, advanced technology, commercial, and government. A talented architect and project manager, she has been the go-to project architect for several of SMRT’s more recent higher education and healthcare clients.

Meticulous, inventive, and generous with her support, Kristen thrives on complex renovations and repurposing existing structures—buildings that some architects might consider “uncooperative”—into new, fully functional spaces. Less becomes more with Kristen, who excels at creating space when it just isn’t there. Skilled at delivering creative solutions, Kristen is valued by clients for her ability to solve problems of all shapes and sizes, whether that’s exploring a user suggestion or delving deeper into questions about code.