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Androscoggin Valley Hospital Biomass Plant

Faced with rising fuel oil costs, AVH looked to hardwood chips as an economical energy source that would boost the local economy. SMRT evaluated the existing heating and cooling plants, conducting an energy balance to determine the appropriate biomass boiler plant size and related cost viable energy components.

The result is a biomass plant designed to save the hospital approximately $350,000 annually in heating costs. A 250-horsepower boiler requires approximately two truckloads of wood chips weekly.  The choice of hardwood chips instead of a whole tree chips reduces ash and particles. 

The plant is also equipped with a particulate collection device known as an electrostatic precipitator to remove particles from the flue gas. 

Project Highlights

128,500 gallons for #2 fuel oil saved annually
$350,000 estimated annual heat savings
Use of hardwood chips