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Augusta State Facilities Master Plan

SMRT worked with the State of Maine to develop a series of master plans comprehensively covering all State government facilities. This comprehensive planning effort was guided by the following objectives:

  • Building inventory and analysis of all State office space
  • Comprehensive Relational Database using GIS to document the State’s real estate holdings.
  • Space Planning Manual to establish standards for new and renovated office space for all State departments.
  • Space programs for the State departments to support departmental strategic plans.
  • Master plan analysis to improve the State’s management of facilities through consolidation, renovation and new construction.
  • Special projects to solve critical space planning, design and construction problems during the course of the master plan.

The project involved the relationship of any campus improvements to the surrounding neighborhoods of the City of Augusta and the West Campus (including Capitol Complex); and also potential re-use and development options for the Capitol Complex and surrounding State-owned buildings and sites.


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