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Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

SMRT has provided engineering and architecture services to Draper Laboratories since 2011, often focusing on ICD 705 secure spaces and controlled environments.

SMRT’s initial project consolidated selected research on one floor, creating ISO 4-7 cleanrooms to enable MEMS and multi-chip module R&D. The bay and chase layout, designed within an existing 1970’s era office building, overcame challenges in ceiling height, dispersed utilities, air entrainment, asbestos, hazardous production materials and waste disposal. Make-up air system design included roof top air entrainment modeling, resulting in the consolidation and relocation of various process exhaust streams from throughout the complex.

The fast track renovation took place in an urban site constricted building in Technology Square, Cambridge, housing more than 1,000 employees. Draper develops advanced technologies for the world’s pressing challenges in strategic systems, national security, space, energy, health and commercial applications.