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Burton M. Cross State Office Building

The State of Maine committed to saving, renewing and reusing over 200,000 square feet of office space at the center of Maine’s Capitol campus in Augusta with renovation of the Burton M. Cross office building. 

Sustainability was at the heart of this decision – making use of existing infrastructure wherever possible, while replacing obsolete systems to provide comfort, energy optimization and best practice workplace standardization. 

State employees, the legislature and the public all benefited from the introduction of a contemporary open-office environment with leading-edge mechanical and electrical systems that supported productivity and wellness. 

The result: a contemporary, open-office environment that supports growth in information technologies and telecommunications and leading-edge mechanical, HVAC and electrical and lighting systems to keep employees comfortable and healthy.

Prior to renovation, the lack of air conditioning or mechanical ventilation often led to employee illness and shutdowns due to excessive heat. Post renovation, the departments occupying the building experienced a reduction in absenteeism and employee sick days reflecting the improved air quality and healthier work environment.  


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