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Maine Medical Center – Hannaford Center for Safety, Innovation, and Simulation

Medical students and professionals hone their clinical skills at the Hannaford Center for Safety, Innovation and Simulation, where experiential learning leads to improved clinical outcomes, real-world communication, collaboration and crisis management. Leveraging the expertise of our education and health & wellness experts, SMRT designed this simulation lab so that students, nurses and physicians can learn, practice and refine their techniques in a collaborative, controlled, simulated environment, without putting patients at risk.  

The 18,000 sf center provides “practice” OR, CCU, exam and inpatient rooms — all fit-up with standard hospital equipment and furnishings. Bio-mimicking mannequins amplify the simulation experience. A key challenge for the design team was creating highly accurate representations of clinical environments while incorporating advanced technologies and adjacent control/monitoring space for educational purposes.  

The “visible man,” a translucent model displaying human organs and body systems, inspired SMRT’s design concept and the selection of artwork and finishes.