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Holyoke Medical Center Emergency Department and Medical Office Building

Emergency Department:

Following a master planning process, SMRT designed this new emergency department to maximize staff and optimize operational efficiencies at this busy community hospital on a constrained site.  

The ED design addressed a number of challenges for the hospital including severely constrained space, a high volume of visits and an underserved psychiatric patient population. A central support core with open sight lines to patient care areas facilitates observation and communication while increasing safety. 

Doubling the size of its existing Emergency Department to 22,000 square feet, the ED features 40 treatment spaces including an embedded diagnostic imaging suite. A dedicated behavioral health unit provides a secure environment for both staff and patients, featuring private rooms with windows as well as access to shared community/activity space for patients to decompress.

Medical Office Building:

Responding to a need to address increased volume in outpatient services on a constrained, landlocked site, SMRT combined the new ED and a new medical office building (MOB) into a two-story addition.   The design solution addressed the need for clear, distinct traffic flows for MOB patients, emergency department patients and ambulance traffic alike. 

This “next generation” MOB sits above the new Emergency Department and houses a comprehensive bariatric surgery and weight-loss center, an endocrine practice, and a G.I./ general surgical practice. The MOB features 4 pods, each with exam rooms, provider workstations, and an open, clinical hub. The hubs allow teams to optimize care through efficient workflows, collaborative care, warm handoffs and real-time communication between staff.