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John H. Chaffe Fitness Center, Naval Station

The Chaffe Fitness Center is designed and engineered to meet the needs of military personnel and students and their families.

The waterfront site presented various challenges to redevelopment as an athletic facility, including its Superfund site location. The site, a FEMA Zone A with wave action, necessitated elevating the building by 5 feet on 370 mini-piles.

The gymnasium, natatorium and fitness areas, including racquetball courts and fitness rooms, are enhanced by a 1.5-mile indoor elevated running track offering water views.

SMRT designed the high-performance building to Anti-Terrorism Force Protection (ATFP) standards. The Fitness Center earned LEED Silver certification.

Project Highlights

LEED Silver
Heat recovery chillers for domestic water preheating
Condensing boiler plant
Energy recovery dedicated outside air system
Radiant floor heating
Pool dehumidification energy recovery
Brownfield site
Wake zone design
Military base — Navy
Design/ Build