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L.L. Bean Corporate Headquarters

Celebrating L.L.Bean’s storied history with the outdoors, the company’s new corporate headquarters features natural materials such as wood and stone while incorporating plaid-flannel patterns and the iconic Bean Boot triple-stitch detail throughout, paying homage to the products that define the company’s legacy.

This project transformed a windowless warehouse—made up of two structures built in 1979 and 1986—into a show-stopping retail headquarters. In the process, a new stormwater management plan was implemented, helping to restore the surrounding wetlands.

High-efficiency LED lighting was installed throughout the office with a building-wide lighting control system that in turn helped to reduce light pollution. Bird deterrent film was applied to exterior windows, porous paving was used in the parking areas, roof ballast from the original building was restored and reused, and native plantings were used in the landscaping.

L.L.Bean needed to consolidate multiple campuses under one roof in order to help with recruitment and improve employee satisfaction. SMRT designed the space to facilitate collaboration in a variety of indoor and outdoor work environments. The energy-efficient building will house up to 1,500 employees with a fitness facility, conference center, 10,000 sq. ft. courtyard, health clinic, cafeteria, and kitchen as well as grab-n-go snack bars and multiple types of breakout spaces.

Project Highlights

Activity-Based Planning
WELL design concepts
Use of parametric design