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Maine Coast Memorial Hospital Master Plan

Following an expansion project, the leadership team at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital sought direction as to the best way to configure the future phases of construction and identified the need for a comprehensive hospital master plan. Working closely with the hospital staff, SMRT developed the “road map” for future growth and change on the hospital campus.

After assessing the strategic, programmatic and facility issues, the planning team established guiding principles and priorities that served to guide the development of the plan.  ED services were identified as the highest priority in the planning effort.  The MCMH ED is designed for 22,000 annual visits served in 15 private exam/treatment rooms including 9 general rooms, 2 dedicated psych rooms, 2 dedicated GYN rooms and 2 dedicated triage rooms. The department is organized in a race track configuration around central nursing core and nursing support functions. The preference for this configuration was developed, working very closely with the nursing staff and physicians, to promote staff efficiency and maximize patient through-put there by reducing wait times and increasing patient satisfaction.


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