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Maine Molecular Quality Controls, Inc.

Maine Molecular’s headquarters represents the cross-section of SMRT’s expertise in Science, Technology & Manufacturing and Workplace design, featuring a BSL 2 cleanroom, non-clean R&D, quality control spaces and work environments.

The building signals a milestone in this life science company’s evolution from a start-up to a well-respected producer of high caliber, molecular quality controls products for inherited disease testing and pharmacogenetics. Their work involves DNA, RNA and Plasmid in an FDA-validated, ISO 5 cleanroom environment using Class 2 bio-safety cabinets (BSC) and laminar flow hoods.

Establishing a sense of identity, the exterior of the new headquarters features a conceptual representation of the DNA double helix composed with colored metallic shingles. The interior offers individual work areas accommodating varying levels of privacy need, sensitively co-located with collaborative spaces to facilitate the cross-pollination of researchers and scientists. SMRT designed the two-story 52,000 square-foot building in two phases with minimal impact to production quantity and quality.

With sustainability at top of mind, the exterior envelope reduces operating costs by releasing or storing heat depending on outside temperatures, and the mechanical design focuses on maximizing efficiency.