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Roux Institute at Northeastern University

The recently completed 26,000-square-foot interior fit-out for The Roux Institute includes both workspace and learning environments, designed for ultimate flexibility and maximized visual access through the space.

All interior furnishings are freestanding, moveable, and completely compatible in function, fit, and finish. Furniture is meant to be utilized interchangeably through the floor plan, allowing the space to adapt to the needs of changing and rotating research teams. Height-adjustable workstations and privacy screens are easily user-adapted to support individual or team-based work.

Power is provided via under-carpet raceways and freestanding, battery-powered stanchions that can move along with furniture, people, and mobile technology. Built elements have been carefully located in the plan to create intimate neighborhoods of work and learning space, and to maintain sightlines to beautiful views of Casco Bay. Interior glazing is utilized to maintain a feeling of openness and visibility to promote collaboration, while still creating delineation of space to protect the neighborhood feel.

The project was designed around a geode concept, looking at the juxtaposition of unfinished materials and surprise design elements in the form of pops of color, changes in texture and sheen, and detailed ceiling elements. Key neighborhoods become art interventions with sculptural plywood faces. The arrival experience at the main entrance is of critical importance to the Institute. The first impression provides the desired sense of identity and wow factor while being mindful of budget, by using simple and readily available materials.