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St. Luke’s School Fitness Center Improvements

The strength and conditioning room at St. Luke’s School was not large enough to meet the demands of its various sports programs and was facing humidity and moisture issues that started to affect the equipment, electrical systems, and environmental quality of the space. These shortcomings impacted the functionality and appeal of the Wellness & Fitness Center, preventing students and faculty from taking full advantage of the facility.

The new program led to a larger strength and conditioning area with an open floor plan, which includes indoor synthetic turf, leading you up a training ramp to the mezzanine. The elevator-accessible mezzanine provides additional fitness and cardio space and an opportunity to view squash matches, optimizing the use of previously unused space. This consolidation enabled more functional team training activities and expanded training options, while also acting as a tool for the recruitment and retention of athletes.

The elevation changes also allowed for the integration of new training opportunities. Alongside extensive new conditioning equipment and a climbing wall, the project introduced new mechanical equipment within the existing system to improve ventilation and address longstanding moisture and environmental quality issues.