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Western Maine Health – Bob & Sandy Bahre Health Center

Western Maine Health Care (WMHC)’s outpatient services experienced a period of rapid growth due to the expansion of their rehabilitation program. After exceeding the available space in their existing facility, WMHC engaged SMRT in 2017 to design a new building focused primarily on outpatient rehabilitation.

The two-story, 20,000 square-foot facility houses multiple practices, each with distinct needs.

All patient treatment spaces were designed around a standardized 120 square-foot module to allow for future flexibility. The design also doubles the treatment area and increases access to enhanced services, natural light, improved air quality, and strengthened patient privacy.

Features of the rehabilitation area include a multi-purpose room that simulates a home environment, allowing patients to practice activities of daily living as part of their treatment. The interior design includes colors and patterns inspired by the surrounding environment, which brings comfort to patients and staff.

The project anticipates future development needs expected by WMHC by incorporating second floor shell space. The project also maximizes site features like parking and views to improve community visibility.

Provider offices and clinical work areas have been standardized throughout the building, while also maintaining flexibility.

“We are privileged to expand specialty care services in the Oxford Hills community. Our goal is to expand the reach of our Portland-based nationally-renowned specialists to promote access for patients and families in need of these services within the local community whenever possible.”

Richard Petersen

Former President of MaineHealth and CEO of Maine Medical Center

Project Highlights

Built-in Flexibility
Improved Community Visibility
Strategically Built for Future Development