Tyler Technologies Orono Office Design

Tyler Technologies Orono Office Design

Tyler Technologies, a global software and technology company, needed a workspace that inspired innovation while supporting the needs of a post-pandemic workforce. This new two-story, 30,000-square-foot building will accommodate up to 100 employees.

The employees at Tyler Technologies work flexible and hybrid schedules, collaborating with peers in various global locations. The design supports employee well-being with convenient access to the fitness center, natural light, views, outdoor space, and social connection space to enhance community and belonging. The thoughtful integration of individual focus spaces helps minimize visual and acoustic distractions, while the use of natural materials encourages calm, pride, and a sense of place.

SMRT engaged with Tyler Technologies employees through digital surveys and small group interviews. These surveys and interviews helped the employees to communicate transparently, express diverse perspectives, and adapt to changing work environments. This data ensured that Tyler Technologies’ culture and unique identity were reflected throughout the new building, greatly benefiting the design. The data also helped prioritize amenities and building features to maximize return on investment.

Other key project drivers and considerations include recruiting and retaining staff, deepening ties with the University of Maine as a talent pipeline, and establishing community connections. Construction is currently underway.

Tyler Technologies
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To ensure that workspaces are designed for their intended use, we balance quantitative and qualitative data. We used survey data to gather quantitative information about the work employees do, while qualitative data from interviews helps us understand the nature of collaborative work. The survey data revealed that most collaborative work at Tyler Technologies is virtual. Therefore, we prioritized providing on-demand privacy to enable both planned and impromptu individual video calls.
Support for mobile technology and choice of physical settings for work, social connections, and personal wellness promotes movement throughout the building and a direct connection with nature.