With decades of experience and an eye for emerging trends, SMRT offers comprehensive solutions for government and civic architecture and engineering. Agencies trust our team to create and preserve the facilities we rely upon for people and progress because of our collaborative spirit and vision for the future.

Areas of Expertise

Partnering for Progress

Our expertise in the Government and Civic sector is rooted in a deep understanding of evolving trends. In this ever-changing landscape, we anticipate the shifts that shape the future and create opportunities. 

At the federal level, we recognize that the stimulus-funded project backlog is gradually loosening and agencies are seeking innovative ways to allocate funding efficiently with reduced internal resources. We provide design solutions that maximize funding.

We are committed to exploring new horizons with an understanding of the past. Many members of our team are experienced in historic preservation which provides added value to our government and civic clients.  

Our team is highly skilled in not only risk management and facility assessment but also data management. Our expansive library of performance and material data enables clients to make thoughtful, informed decisions.

The synergy of being an architecture and engineering firm with a small business designation amplifies our ability to nimble and provide a full suite of design services, all in-house.


Expertise makes all the difference. When you choose SMRT, you’re choosing a team of experts leading the way in government and civic architecture and engineering, ready to guide you through the design process, regardless of where you’re starting. 


Graham Vickers

Senior Principal, Principal in Charge of Marketing, Director of Justice Practice


Mike Chonko

Senior Principal, Director of Engineering,
Director of Government Practice


Dennis Morin

Senior Principal,
Justice Project Management Leader


We are committed to creating government and civic environments where people can work, connect, and rehabilitate. Explore our work and contact us today to collaborate and bring your vision to life.



Graham Vickers

Senior Principal, Principal in Charge of Marketing,
Director of Justice Practice

We work with you to effect positive change through design —creating smart, sustainable solutions, collaborating from concept to construction, making the design process feel effortless, fluid, and natural.