Passionate Leaders, Inspired Results

Our leadership team believes in the transformative power of design. We don’t shy away from complex problems; instead, we embrace them. Our leaders guide our work with their diverse experiences and deep industry knowledge, setting the tone for a culture of thoughtful design and effective problem-solving.

For decades, SMRT has fostered a culture that supports growth and stability. Our leadership, averaging 20 years of dedicated service with the firm, possesses a wealth of expertise and an intimate familiarity with our clients and their enterprises. These passionate leaders represent firm principals, studio leaders, and department heads united by an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. As a team, we embrace project challenges as opportunities and craft creative solutions that transcend the ordinary. Our collaborative mission is to elevate the human experience through architecture and engineering.


We love solving problems. We partner with clients every single day on new and interesting projects, collaborating in a way that makes design feel effortless. Contact us about your project. Let’s work together.