Dennis Morin

Senior Principal, Principal in Charge of Operations, Justice Project Management Leader

Dennis has over 25 years of experience providing best-in-class architectural design services as the architect and project manager for various market sectors, including justice, government, educational, advanced technology, commercial, and healthcare. An integral part of SMRT’s Justice practice, he has significant experience designing large, complex justice facilities and renovating and upgrading aging correctional buildings.

Proficient in managing multi-disciplinary design teams, Dennis is an expert at leading diverse groups to ensure the delivery of a high-quality design product that SMRT clients expect. Through his strong background in construction, he is known for fostering positive working relationships in the field to ensure project quality is met. Clients and colleagues alike respect Dennis for his steady hand, efficiency, and quiet perseverance.

As Principal-in-Charge of operations, Dennis manages day-to-day oversight of all business areas. Vital to SMRT’s success, he skillfully monitors project performance and operating expenses; forecasts talent, space, and equipment needs; and oversees technical and design proficiencies—ensuring the firm meets its quality, business, and strategic goals.