Saratoga Hospital Wilton Mall Primary Care

Saratoga Hospital Wilton Mall Primary Care

Saratoga Hospital’s Wilton Mall Primary Care facility is among the busiest in its network, serving more than 28,000 patients each year. Hospital leadership looked to SMRT to design an expansion at its location inside a former retail space.

A key challenge of this project was establishing a phased approach, as construction could not disrupt daily operations. The build process occurred during the height of the pandemic, which created additional challenges in keeping clinic and construction staff separate and healthy during the ongoing work.

SMRT’s data-driven approach resulted in a partial build-out of the available space with room for future expansion, providing construction cost savings for the client.

The final design features easy-to-follow pathways for patients and staff, a key feature to alleviate the traditionally confusing corridors in medical offices and expedite patient care.

Saratoga Hospital
Saratoga Springs, NY
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