COVID-19 Update March 26, 2020

COVID-19 Update March 26, 2020

To SMRT’s Clients, Business Partners and Colleagues:

As we begin week two of business during the COVID-19 pandemic, SMRT has successfully transitioned to a 100% work from home status. This transition went very smoothly thanks to our robust IT infrastructure and flexible can-do attitude. We are fully operational and are doing everything possible to keep the economy going, working with our clients and partners to introduce new ways of conducting business virtually.

We can effectively host interactive meetings, conduct interviews, share drawings and review concepts virtually and advance projects with relative ease and effectiveness. We encourage all our clients and business partners to be open to new ways of working together so that during this time of disruption we lose as little ground as possible.

It’s times like these that bring us together and provide the opportunity for creativity and innovation. On the other side of this crisis, we will have adopted new ways of working that will serve us well for years to come. I’m hopeful that there is a carbon footprint benefit to all this and that we will learn just how effective we can be without jumping in the car or getting on an airplane.

Thank you all for your patience and ongoing support of business continuity during this unprecedented time.


Ellen Belknap, SMRT President