SMRT Receives the Just 2.0 Label

SMRT Receives the Just 2.0 Label

SMRT is proud to share our Just 2.0 Social Justice Label achievement from the International Future Living Institute (IFLI). The Label is a voluntary disclosure tool demonstrating our commitment to transparency, equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) concerning our employees, clients, and community partners.

“Just organizations are joining a movement. They become part of a community of practice that embraces the complexity and interconnectedness of the world we live in, takes responsibility for its actions and impacts, holds itself to a high ethical standard in words and actions, and embraces transparency and vulnerability as essential parts of operating a company.”

International Future Living Institute

Our Journey to Just 2.0

As EDI has become a core value for employees, clients, and partners, SMRT wanted a tool to demonstrate our commitment to EDI and social justice more tangibly. The Just 2.0 Label has elevated internal discussions, policies, and procedures and created a common language and measurement framework for social justice issues.

In June 2023, SMRT began the application process by examining our culture, policies, and performance. Employees participated in this process by completing an employee engagement survey which asked for direct feedback about culture, benefits, and internal practices. Based on the results, SMRT crafted policies for 20 of the most applicable Just 2.0 indicator metrics and submitted them for IFLI to review. After their third-party evaluation, ILFI provided SMRT with our unique Label that scores each of the indicator metrics on a scale from one to four. 

Just 2.0 Indicator Metrics

The Just 2.0 social and equity indicator metrics are organized within six categories: Diversity + Inclusion, Equity, Employee Health, Employee Benefits, Stewardship, and Purchasing + Supply Chain.

Each indicator on the Label describes a measurable accountability that is recognized at four levels of performance – one representing the minimum program requirements and four representing the highest level of performance within the Just program (think LEED Certified vs. LEED Platinum). Like a nutrition label, the Just Label is designed for “at a glance” review of an organization’s progress across the key categories and indicators. With this, organizations can assess how they are doing in reference to these social justice metrics and have a framework to inform policy and practice decisions. SMRT surpasses the program requirements in gender diversity, employee engagement, training and education, pay-scale equity, healthcare, and volunteering.

Thanks to Just 2.0, we have a renewed framework for cultivating a culture around transparency, EDI, and social justice and a Label that measures performance. From now until our next evaluation in 2026, we will continue to focus on initiatives that help us be a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive organization.

SMRT is one of 187 organizations worldwide to receive the label.

To learn more about SMRT’s Just 2.0 Label, click here.