Designing Secure Environments for Special Populations

Designing Secure Environments for Special Populations

The rising incarceration rates of women, the mentally ill, individuals with substance abuse issues and those aging in place demand new solutions for special populations within correctional environments. SMRT’s justice team, nationally recognized for its intelligent and innovative design of secure, functional and efficient facilities, brings the added value of experience and expertise in healthcare and education. Our innovative yet technically grounded approach to housing, programming and healthcare for special needs populations provides clients with sound solutions that meet their operational requirements.

At every stage, SMRT designs to enable restorative justice, using principles of evidence-based design and environmental psychology to create secure, normative spaces that support rehabilitation and successful reintegration with society.

SMRT designs:

  • Housing units as secure, normative environments
  • Intake areas to support de-escalation and reduce stress
  • Visitation spaces to encourage rebuilding relationships
  • Education and program spaces that support a restorative justice mission
  • Operationally sound and efficient facilities

SMRT’s Justice Team will be exhibiting at the American Correctional Association’s 149th Congress of Correction in Boston on August 4th-6th. Come over to booth 1027 and talk to us about what’s on your mind as you plan your next correctional project.

MDOC Womens Reentry Center

The Maine Women’s Reentry Center is a state of the art facility that allows staff to offer programming and educational services to minimum and community custody female offenders. The Maine Department of Corrections’ mission is to reduce the likelihood that an offender will re-offend. With a facility such as the Women’s Reentry Center, we are able to offer the programming and vocational skills that will set the offender back up in her community with a solid foundation and a greater chance of being successful. The new facility offers the space and an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and growing.”

Amanda Woolford, Dir. of Female Services, MDOC