Maine Department of Corrections, Women’s Reentry Center, 2019 AIA/Academy of Architecture for Justice, Justice Facilities Review, Published Project

Graham Vickers

Senior Principal, Principal in Charge of Marketing, Director of Justice Practice

Graham has worked on projects across all of SMRT’s markets and regions. Through this broad exposure, he developed a keen interest in architecture’s relationship to social responsibility, drawing him to focus his practice on creating sustainable, life-affirming environments and communities. Today, Graham leads SMRT’s justice practice, focusing on planning and designing contemporary secure environments that support progressive operational models promoting rehabilitation, education, and the health and wellness of all occupants.

In addition to his role as justice practice leader, Graham serves as SMRT’s Principal-in-Charge of marketing. In this role, Graham focuses on the firm’s strategic direction, the growth of emerging markets and regions, and many of SMRT’s larger and more complex opportunities. Graham has unique experience delivering projects through various delivery methods, including IPD, P3 (Public, Private, Partnership), CM, and Design/Build.