Roux Institute Featured in 2021 Educational Interiors Showcase

Roux Institute Featured in 2021 Educational Interiors Showcase

The freshly completed Roux Institute at Northeastern University in Portland, Maine has been featured in Endeavor Business Media’s American School & University 2021 Educational Interiors Showcase. This year’s 31st annual competition honors excellence in educational interiors and facility planning, featuring today’s most effective learning environments.

Seventy-five projects were considered based on criteria that include spaces designed for overall student mental and physical wellness, spaces that incorporate daylighting and imaginative color, spaces that are appropriate for the age group they serve, along with material selection that is warmer, friendlier, and helps prevent the spread of illnesses. Additionally, these projects were considered based upon the ease of maintenance of the facilities, the use of sustainable and flexible materials, and universal design to minimize social and physical barriers, and enhance equity across the institution. This magazine reached 57,000 individuals in the education, facility planning, and architecture professions.

The Roux Institute includes flexible, functional, and visually appealing furnishings for workspace and learning environments which enhances accessibility and diverse spaces. SMRT’s Jeana Stewart explained that the interior was designed, constructed, and occupied during the pandemic. “The Roux Institute was designed with COVID and health and safety measures at top of mind. Unsure of how human behaviors and interactions would change and develop by the time the space was occupied, flexibility was the highest priority. Furniture selected for the space is highly mobile and reconfigurable, allowing the facility to flex based on social distancing requirements or future increased densities. Common touch points utilize durable laminate and solid surface materials to allow for easy and frequent cleaning.” The educational center is sustainable, durable, and safe offering an ideal learning environment. Students, faculty, and visitors will be immediately welcomed by the interior that ties in Portland’s iconic coastal identity and they will feel a sense of deep-rooted community.

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