Maine Molecular Quality Controls Inc.

Maine Molecular Quality Controls Inc.

Maine Molecular Quality Controls, Inc. (MMQCI) was founded in 2000 as a small two-person company. Over the years, they have gained expertise in quality assurance of laboratory medicine and have become a well-respected global company. Their portfolio includes molecular controls for inherited disease testing, infectious disease detection, and oncology. MMQCI has seen steady growth in its revenue and staff, making it a prominent player in the industry.

In 2015, SMRT completed the initial greenfield corporate headquarters, which included the laboratory and controlled environment alongside ISO 13485-certified manufacturing space. This building was a significant achievement in the company’s history, paving the way for further growth and improving employee recruitment and retention.

The team used integrated design to balance design, performance, and cost, communicate the innovative business of MMQCI, and create a flexible, future-proofed design.

MMQCI and SMRT have a strong partnership built on a collective vision, which has resulted in a third major project undertaken by them. The current project, scheduled for completion in Spring 2024, involves fitting out 14,000 square feet of the second floor, built during the most recent expansion in 2018. This fit-out will provide planned workspaces and employee amenities. MMQCI understands the benefits of creating a flexible work environment that can strengthen the business while meeting the strict parameters of controlled manufacturing.

MMQCI, like all controlled environment manufacturers, is challenged by the energy-intensive requirements of cleanroom operations. The design incorporates a rooftop PV system, mitigating energy usage and decreasing their carbon footprint. Controlled environments have numerous engineering and design challenges, including strict environmental criteria to employee well-being and access to daylight. SMRT addressed these challenges by incorporating exterior windows that align with carefully placed interior windows, providing light and a connection to nature in 68% of the controlled area and 100% of the workplace. This enhances employee well-being and ensures employees have access to natural light while working.

Maine Molecular Quality Controls Inc.
Saco, ME
Square Feet
Completion Date
AIA Maine: People’s Choice Award (2022)
Establishing a unique sense of identity, the exterior of the new headquarters features a conceptual representation of the DNA double helix composed of colored metallic shingles.
FDA-validated, ISO-5 cleanroom environment.
Views and connection to nature were important design considerations. We wanted to ensure everyone at all levels of the laboratories would have a view outside.
The interior offers individual work areas accommodating varying levels of privacy needs, sensitively co-located with collaborative spaces to facilitate the cross-pollination of researchers and scientists.
Our work on this campus is ongoing, and we are currently designing a second-floor fit-up for staff.
To improve HVAC performance, a "snow room" was utilized to allow for precipitation to collect before entering the building's air intake
The mechanical design focuses on maximizing efficiency.