Who We Are

Smart & inventive together

We’re a team of architects, engineers, planners and professionals committed to solving problems through design and positioning our clients for success.

We build lasting relationships and friendships with business partners because we consistently deliver positive results.

Our clients come to us with big opportunities, first-of-a-kind challenges, hard deadlines and limited budgets. This is where we thrive.

Resourceful and reliable. Practical and imaginative. Curious, knowledgeable and nice—you’ll love how we work together.


People Who We Are Smart and Inventive Together People Who We Are Smart and Inventive Together
They are very good problem solvers. They are inventive people and out-of-the-box thinkers. They seem to like the ‘how are we going to solve this?’ or ‘no one has ever done this before’ problems.
– Chris Dufel
Lab Facilities Manager, GE Healthcare
People Who We Are Culture Top Image sm People Who We Are Culture Top Image sm


SMRT embodies a culture of listening and communicating directly and openly. We value collegiality, individual and collective energy, leadership, and innovation. We work hard on our clients’ behalf. Our core values of design excellence, resilience, integrity, and community guide our work serving our clients. We’re committed to transparency, the foundation of employee engagement and client trust.

Expect to work hard, and be surprised how open, transparent and approachable the firm leaders are. SMRT is a place where you can make a career and lifelong friends.
– Dennis Morin
Sports dad, Principal and Architect


SMRT’s roots reach back to 1884, when John Calvin Stevens FAIA, nationally acclaimed for his “shingle style” designs, established his architecture firm. A versatile artist and architect, Stevens saw no separation of design from construction, of beauty from practicality.   Today, the creative challenge of exploring opportunities between idea and implementation continues to inspire and guide the growth and evolution of our multi-disciplinary practice. Our ability to simplify the complex, collaborate across disciplines and solve problems together carries our legacy forward.

john calvin stevens john calvin stevens
John Calvin Stevens established a profound architectural legacy spanning the evolution of his one-person firm into its present-day organization, SMRT, a multidisciplinary industry leader.
– Jill C. Duson
Former Mayor, City of Portland